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We don't hate you, Daiva....we hate what you've done to the community
Mark sued the HOA.... and LOST
The board wasted $100,000 to stop an election
Save Lisle Place is hungry for power...
A kinder, gentler sound for them
Mark's buying a unit!
Why are values so low at Lisle Place?
Lisle Place... you are being played.
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Press Conference Microphones
Judge Gavel
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Conference Call

February 2022

Learn about how the Board tried to rig and steal the January 25, 2022 election.  Why do they want to stay in power so badly that they would go to these extents?  Find out.  Also, learn what the Board is lying to you about balconies, de-annexation and zoning.

Go Fund Me

December 2021

Please consider contributing to our Go Fund Me page to finance litigation against the Board.  We raised over $7,000 in the first 24 hours!  We've spent $5,000 of that on the TRO to stop the election.  We will need more funds as the Board continues to fight us as we campaign for a new free and fair election.

Lisle Place Reviews

2016 to Present

Ever had a great tenant pull out of the running for your condo because they read the reviews on Google or Yelp?  We have.  See for yourself what people are saying about the lowest rated HOA Board in the Chicagoland area.

Village of Lisle Settlement

October 2020

Read about the actual settlement the Board made with the Village of Lisle.  Instead of using our special assessment money from 2006 onwards to come into compliance, the Board did who knows what with the special assessment money, de-annexed, and spent $86,500 of our money on fines and legal fees.

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