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We're Having an Election!!!

At long last and despite the Board’s multiple attempts to prevent one, Lisle Place will be holding a free and fair election! Let’s take a step back and recap what got us here:

December 29, 2021: Board sends out a call for candidates’ letter to be returned in person on December 31, 2021. Illinois condo law requires a 21-day period for return. The Board gave us 2 days. In fact, most homeowners received their letter after December 31 meaning they couldn’t even run if they wanted to.

January 25, 2022: Save Lisle Place is granted a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) from the Honorable Judge Bonnie M Wheaton to stop the Board’s rigged, unopposed election. The Board is instructed to work with our attorney to work out details of a new election.

February – April, 2022: The Board holds up the election by asking for irrelevant information in Discovery and holding back valuable details Save Lisle Place is requesting. Their goal is to clearly hold off the election indefinitely.

April 25, 2022: The Honorable Judge Bonnie Wheaton gets tired of the Board attempting to delay the election and appoints a third-party custodian to run the election independently.

May 16, 2022: The Board appeals the appointment of the custodian!!! What?!! Why would they use your assessment money to prevent us from having a free, independently governed election?

May 18, 2022: The Board files a motion to stay the order that appointed the custodian. Basically, they were asking the court to wait until the appellate court rules before having an election. Once again, they are using your assessment money to push off an election indefinitely and not allow for an independent election. Every time they bring us back to court, it costs you, the homeowner. And for what? To not allow for elections!

June 16, 2022: The Board loses, again. For the 3rd time. Judge Wheaton has had enough of their shenanigans and denies their motion to stay the order. That order follows this letter.

You have to ask yourself, why does the Board keep losing when they have unlimited money (your assessment dollars hard at work)? You know this isn’t right, and the court has recognized it isn’t right.

You deserve a better Board. Save Lisle Place has put thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours behind making this happen. The current Board has not made it easy because they are profiting tremendously from running this complex into the ground. In fact, they’ve already scooped up 4 more units this year alone 50% below market value for cash! An election is coming. Look out for the call for candidates letter shortly.

Save Lisle Place is endorsing 5 candidates that will invest your HOA dues back into the community. Check out their bios at We look forward to serving you!

Order, June 16 re election, mtn for stay denied
Download PDF • 67KB

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