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The Board Postponed the Election... Again

By sending out fraudulent proxies to homeowners and trying to confuse them with deconversion proxies, the Board has successfully torpedoed the election. Their behavior was so egregious, in fact, that Samim filed a motion of Contempt of Court against the Board, punishable by fines and jail time. To quote her:

“Their contemptable scheme has succeeded. They have intentionally exploded the orderly process of the court-ordered elections off the rails—hopelessly confusing the voting property owners…”

She believes the only path forward is to push the election date and start over. The new election will be held in late September. You may have already received an email from her describing the situation. If the Board tries to interfere again, the court will likely hold them in contempt.

This news is disappointing because of the hard work Save Lisle Place had already put into the existing election. In less than a week, we collected 110 proxies representing 40% of ownership in the complex. We had confirmation for proxies or votes from another 60 units putting our total at 61% of the complex. By contrast, only 25% of units voted at all in the previous election held in 2018.

On Thursday, the court ordered that the Board not be allowed to facilitate a deconversion. A vote for the deconversion will happen after the election. They’ve also been ordered not to communicate to homeowners regarding the election. The order follows this letter.

You, we imagine, are as tired of this Board pushing out an election indefinitely as we are. It’s time for this Board to go, and they are the only ones that cannot see it. Our community has had enough of their obstructionism, authoritarianism, and contempt for homeowners and tenants. It’s time to rebuild.

Your new Board of Garrett Black, Mark Ennsmann, Pam Moss, Joseph Peletis and Velappan Pillai are ready for the hard work in front of us.

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