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The Board Lies 5 More Times

You may have received an email from the Board on Thursday, March 10. As usual, it is filled with lies and misinformation. We will break down each one in this letter.

Claim #1: We are trying to throw them out so we don’t have to pay the association money back

Joe Krause’s lawsuits with the Board have nothing to do with Save Lisle Place or the 11 plaintiffs that were granted a Temporary Restraining Order on the Board to stop their phony “election”. Only 1 of the plaintiffs was named on Krause’s cases and he joined ours because the Board has harassed and spread harmful information about him ever since he was tied to Krause.

Furthermore, this notion that whoever sues the Board must reimburse the association for their legal fees is nothing but an autocratic scare tactic. The Board has made several changes to the rules and regulations without consulting homeowners or giving 10 days’ notice prior to enforcement. Additionally, they are using our association dues to defend themselves in court, even if you sue them individually!

Claim #2: New washing machines and dryers are coming to Lisle Place

Sure, with a 60% increase in cost to the residents. And why are they operated by cash? We’re in the year 2022. They illegally bolted the laundry room windows shut. Why?

Also, cameras (with microphones?) have been installed alongside the machines. Many of these are on walls adjacent to bedrooms and living rooms inside of residences. Like the balcony railings, the Board did not pull permits before running electric or installing cameras. Instead, Inga’s husband installed them. He is not a licensed electrician.

Claim #3: Property values increased 35% between 2020 and 2021

The Board cherry-picked two properties from 2020 and two from 2021 to make this argument. The reality is prices at Lisle Place remain 40% or more below market value. Do a search on Zillow for recently sold condos in Lisle. You’ll find that 2br 2ba units at Oakwood, Walnut Creek or Forest View sold for $185k, $157k, and $175k respectively. You’ll also find that the larger Blackhawk unit in Lisle Place sold for $110k.

Claim #4: Prices have dropped because of lawsuits and balcony railings

If the Board didn’t try to steal an election by not allowing opposition candidates, we wouldn’t have had to file a lawsuit. Furthermore, no bank will deny you a loan because you didn’t replace your balcony railing. What will make a bank deny you a loan, however, is that we are a commercial 279-unit multi-building complex that is currently zoned as a single-family residence. Potential buyers won’t be able to get a loan due to the Board breaching their fiduciary duty to their constituents by de-annexing and lying to homeowners about its repercussions. This is why property values are below market. That, and the rental restriction they put in place in 2016 and violated 17 times since.

Claim #5: The Board temporarily lifted the rental restriction for all owners

Did you receive notice that the rental restriction from 2016 was lifted? We didn’t either. We reviewed every Board meeting minutes since the Board took over and sure enough, it was not lifted. Meanwhile, the Board went on a buying spree. They say no one could sell their property because of the Village of Lisle lawsuit? The vast majority of these properties weren’t even listed on the open market. What happened is that homeowners got tired of this Board’s mismanagement and asked for a way out. Here’s the result, Board members gladly took your property off your hands for well below market value:

Claim #6: They want to be on the Board because they care about the wellbeing of the complex

So much so that they’re willing to steal an election? There is no argument about this, a judge agreed that their “election” needed to be stopped because of the significant number of improprieties around the way they wanted to run it (i.e., fix it). Who in their right mind wants to sit on a condo board so badly that they would try to fix an election? For 8+ years!

Ask yourself this one question: what are they gaining by sitting on this board? It’s an unpaid position with nothing but headaches. You’ve dealt with them. You know we’re not dealing with Mother Theresa and her nuns. It doesn’t add up.

A free and fair election is coming. Our attorney is currently in negotiations with the Board and their attorneys around how it will be governed. Look out for nominees for a new Board soon. Please contribute to our legal fund. We are not done in court and we know this Board will fight. You can do so here:

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