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The Board Keeps Fighting Against an Election.... and Losing

The Board has lost in court, again. For the fourth time. As we mentioned in our last letter, the Board filed an appeal to the Judge’s denial to stay the appointment of the third-party custodian, Samim Munshi, to run a free, fair, independently governed election.

In plain English, the Board tried to stop Samim from conducting an election. The Judge ruled that she is allowed to conduct an election. The Board appealed that ruling. The appellate court denied their appeal. This is a new judge, different court, same outcome. The order follows this letter. The justice system realizes exactly what the Board is attempting to do: deny your right to a free and fair election.

This is now the 4th time the Board has lost to Save Lisle Place in court. They are 0 - 4 against us for those keeping score. Why are they continuing to fight against a free and fair election? Why are they complaining about lawsuits when they are the ones spending your money and dragging this out with appeal after appeal? Why are they holding a deconversion vote 2 days before the election? Are they afraid of what will happen if a new Board comes in? Afraid of what we may find? We sure believe so.

The Board continues to engage in election shenanigans. For example, they’ve nominated 3 people to be on the ballot that don’t even own property at Lisle Place: Jacinta Sherris, Tom McCann (Daiva’s brother-in-law!), and Irene Grigaitis (Daiva’s mother!). Notice that their candidate statements were used simply to bash Save Lisle Place. Once again, why are they so afraid of losing?

You deserve a better Board. Save Lisle Place is endorsing 5 candidates that will invest your HOA dues back into the community. Check out our bio’s on the Home Page. We will:

  1. Remove the rental restriction and settle lawsuits which are keeping property values artificially low

  2. Find out where the $2.14M of special assessment money went. We only have $58k in reserves!

  3. Invest 100% of our high HOA assessment dollars back into the community

  4. Re-annex into the Village of Lisle or come into zoning compliance with the County of DuPage

  5. Grant free access to the clubhouse since it is owned by the Association, not the Board

  6. Hire professional property management with transparent and accountable financials

  7. Complete the balcony railing project in a professional and legal manner

  8. Hold normal office hours and respond to homeowners and tenants in a reasonable time frame

  9. Cooperate and team up with homeowners on issues instead of constantly fighting against them

We look forward to winning the election and serving you! We currently have overwhelming support. Of the 244 units that are not owned by the Board, we have 205 that support us! Please sign a proxy to one of our representatives or vote for Garrett Black, Mark Ennsmann, Pam Moss, Joseph Peletis, and Velappan Pillai on August 22nd.

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