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The Board has lost all support

Instead of setting facts straight in her letter on May 23, Daiva continues to lie over and over and over again. Nobody but the Board even had a chance to campaign for the election on January 25th because the Board attempted to steal it by running unopposed. When the Board mails out a call for candidates letter on December 29th demanding it be returned in person within a 5 hour window on December 31st, they are not allowing anybody to run against them. Nearly all homeowners didn’t even receive their letter until after December 31st, and many did not receive one at all. They are required by Illinois law to give us 21 days to return the letter.

Save Lisle Place is simply asking for a free and fair election. Nothing more, nothing less. The Board does not want a free and fair election because they know they will lose. The Judge could see the Board wanted to use your HOA money to push this election out indefinitely, so she appointed a custodian without us even asking for one. You can view the order here: The Board is now using your HOA dues to appeal the decision of the judge and prevent a free and fair election. What are they hiding that a new Board will find?

The Board also circulated a petition and filed a motion to remove the custodian until the appellate court made a decision on her appointment. Other than the 31 units that the Board owns (they scooped up 20 during the rental restriction 40% below market), guess how many legitimate signatures they were able to get? Two. Yes, that’s right, two. They even forged a signature of a unit owner:

Meanwhile, our petition has received 124 signatures and counting. Once again, why are they so afraid of a free and fair election?! When they lose, what have they been hiding that will be found? Aren’t you curious to know? We are.

Meanwhile, the Board has just gotten sued again. Not by Save Lisle Place. By the Village of Lisle. What?! I thought by de-annexing all our problems with the Village were going away? How about the big tax savings we were supposed to get? Ours on average was $20/year! How about yours? Apparently, the Board has breached their fiduciary duty to us, the homeowners, once again. They refused to allow the Village of Lisle to inspect 5 water meters after multiple requests, and thus are getting sued. Again. Your HOA dues will be used to pay fines of $750 per day in addition to their legal bills until the meters are inspected. See the filing below.

Now that we have a third-party custodian, a free and fair election is imminent. We promised our endorsed candidates in this letter, and here they are: Garrett Black, Mark Ennsmann, Pam Moss, Joseph Peletis, Velappan Pillai. Our commitment is to serve the community, obey all laws and regulations to prevent additional lawsuits, settle current lawsuits so homeowners can sell their properties again if they wish, and increase property values to match current rates. Look for bio’s and more information on our website after the call for candidates letter from Ms. Munshi is issued.

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