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No, They Didn't Ask Nicely

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Dear Lisle Place Owner/Resident,

You may have heard from the Board that the County has issued an exemption to review permits for balcony railings. And it’s not because they asked nicely. Just mention Naper Place to the nice folks at the County and watch the eyes roll. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and review what got us here:

1. Board demands that everyone replace their balcony railing because the Village of Lisle ordered it

  • This is, of course, false. Direct quote from the Village lawsuit in 2015 states “…some railings are rusted from the elements so they are structurally unsound”.

2. Board procures a “contractor” to fabricate and install all balcony railings

  • No contracts were signed nor were competitive bids obtained

  • Board charges $2,800 to each homeowner for their railing though they won’t show documentation that this is the “contractors” fee

  • Board won’t disclose name of the fabricator and/or installer, nor if they are licensed, bonded, or insured

3. Board does not pull permits on the balcony railings

  • Permits are required by the County of DuPage to replace balcony railings according to Section 105 of the Building Code

  • Balcony railing drawings need to be drafted, endorsed, and signed by an engineer or architect and submitted to the County Building Department for approval. Of course, the Board did none of these.

4. Board is sued and Inga is investigated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

  • To get the lawsuit dismissed, the Board places the blame for not getting permits on the homeowners!

  • Now, YOU must get a permit for your balcony

  • If you don’t, the County can now fine you, the homeowner, between $100 and $1,000 per day for each day that you don’t have a permit for your balcony railing.

Nice mess the Board has gotten us into. To recap, the Board requires you to replace a balcony railing that doesn’t require replacement, they hire a “contractor” to fabricate and install them for $2,800 per unit, they don’t pull permits for the railings, they’re sued and then blame it on the homeowners, and now the homeowners are liable for the railings (no warranty!) and subject to daily fines up to $1,000.

Good new is Save Lisle Place is here to help. Contact us at and we will get you drawings for your balcony railing. We will connect you with an architect who has already reviewed the design and will stamp them. We have a contractor who is licensed, insured, and registered with the County who will fabricate and install them for you. We will also show you the proper forms to complete and documentation to submit to the County to get your permit.

A free and fair election is coming. Our attorney is currently in negotiations with the Board and their attorneys around how it will be governed. We’re nearly past discovery and are waiting to hear from the Board on our demands for the new election. Next hearing is April 20th.

Look out for nominees for a new Board soon. Please contribute to our legal fund. We are not done in court and we know this Board will fight. You can do so here:

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