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Why was Save Lisle Place started?

Save Lisle Place held a special meeting on August 16th.  We discussed the election timeline, the decoversion the restrained Board tried to jam through before the election and how they tried to conflate the proxies to steal votes.  This will give a more detailed view into some of the reasons why we created SLP.

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Meet your new Board!

Our mission is to serve the community, obey all laws and regulations to prevent additional lawsuits, settle current lawsuits so homeowners can sell to owner occupants, and increase property values to match or exceed market rates.

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Garrett Black

I've spent most of my life in the western suburbs of Chicago. I graduated from Downers Grove South High School then went to Columbia College Chicago to study advertising and marketing.  I’m currently a pastor in Downers Grove. On top of that, I own my own video production company which operates in the Chicagoland area.

I have a unique mix of giftings when you combine my pastoral experience with my marketing and design capabilities. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Lisle Place was the cumbersome process of information processing. I enjoy building systems that work and eliminate stress, time, and energy. I want to make communications tighter between the HOA and current residents to make life easier for everyone. Additionally, I want to help design a website that houses all the pertinent information that a resident needs and adds value for potential homeowners to see the amenities and benefits of this property. 

As a pastor, I have a strong moral compass for following guidelines and treating people fairly. I am an advocate for those who need one and it's my plan to make sure we are in good standing with our county, our neighbors, and most importantly - among ourselves. Let's create a community that people want to live in while raising home values and making life easier for everyone that calls this place home. 

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Save Lisle Place

Creating Community through Service

Our mission is to replace the current Lisle Place Board of Directors to increase property values, reduce our risk of litigation, and create a peaceful and supportive community!

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“Nothing changes if nothing changes”

The Situation

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Looking for Change, Want to Help Make the Changes we Need as a Community - All Submissions will Remain Strictly Confidential

Thanks for submitting!

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